An old and abandoned KULT: Divinity Lost development blog

Halls of Flesh

I found something very interesting. On tumblr there was an early development blog of KULT: Divinity Lost. It was written during 2015 by the Creative Director Petter Nallo. Sadly there aren’t that many posts and I guess it sort of died off when the game was Kickstarted. The blog is called The Halls of Flesh.

Even though things have not been updated from a long time it gives a bit of insight in the creation process of KULT: Divinity Lost. Here are some of the insights:

1. There is a Swedish Comic Artist called Lars Krantz that have used themes of KULT in his comics.

Geburah copy

2. Petter Nallo wished they could have artworks with movement in the core rules and posted this one as an example:

I agree, it would be cool!

Geburah copy

3. It is revealed some of the music Petter Nallo was listening to while writing KULT:: Lustmord, The Hellbound – Hellraiser II Soundtrack, Sopor Aeternus, Limbonic Art and Atrium Carceri (which of course is part of the official KULT soundtrack).

Geburah copy

4. While working on the Mythos for KULT: Divinity Lost Petter Nallo also revealed Concept Art that he had made to the first iteration of the game The Prisoners of the Illusion (some of it can be seen on this blog post where I talk about that project). One of the artworks was shared by Clive Barker himself on his Facebook Page.


This is the Artwork that Clive Barker himself shared on his Facebook.

Geburah copy

5. Also, one the blog one of the coolest Nepharites I have seen is also displayed. And I can see how the concept of it survived. It is now the Nepharite Weaver in the Core Rules on page 325. But to be honest, it is something with this version I prefer. It has something delicate about it. Petter Nallo reveals that it was inspired by a passage from the Clive Barker short story The Hellbound Heart:

“The woman beneath was grey yet gleaming, her lips bloody, her legs parted so that the elaborated scarification of her pubis was displayed. She sat on a pile of rotting human heads, and smiled in welcome […] Their rot was beneath her nails, and tongues- twenty or more- lay out in ranks on her oiled thighs, as if awaiting entrance”


An Early Concept of Weaver, a Nepharite serving the Death Angel Gamichicoth.

Geburah copy

6. There is also a really early post regarding inspiration of the style of the Tarot Cards. Check out more about them here.


Geburah copy

6. The Indie Game The Cat Lady is mentioned as an inspiration for KULT.

Playing “The Cat Lady” a game that truly is Kult in many ways. From grotesque murders, dark cities, secrets, mental institutions to dream worlds and purgatories.

And “Death is only the beginning” is a phrase that could describe this indie horror game in one sentence. So if you are into indie games and point and click adventures check it out. You can find it both on Steam and on Gog.


Geburah copy

7. Finally the movie The Cell is mentioned as an inspiration. And I can clearly see how the Nepharites has been reshaped into something more magnificent based on this movie.

Geburah copy

It was a treasure to find this development blog and it saddens me that it did not continue I would loved to have learned more about the process and the sources of inspiration.

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