The Recorder [Artifact]


This is a guest article by Arthur Pinto de Andrade who have created this really cool Artifact!

A solid black leather suitcase holds an oldfashioned bandrecorder with a table stand microphone and big headphones. The tape is fixed and can’t be removed, but there’s a rewind button. If played the tape brings strange noises ranging from static screams to weird anachronic music and choirs almost inaudible. When a PC hit the record button and talk on the microphone trying to speak with someone like a phone, roll +Soul.

15+ The PC manages to call someone and can speak to him. He can talk to anyone, even the dead.

10-14 The PC reached the one he wants to talk to, but in another time and space defined by the GM.

9- The call is redirected to the Operator, and cannot be canceled (the record button got stuck).

The call goes from the recorder to anything with a phone like structure (radio transmitter, inter-communicators, walkie talkies, telephones, etc).

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