Jessy: The My Gems party (Session 1)

Everyone should follow where this is going! Also, a lovely way to show where the rolls are and how they affect the scenes.

Beyond Elysium

This is a session recap for my current Kult: Divinity Lost roleplaying campaign. Jessy Button is played by my wife, and I am the game master.

Jessy Button enters the large lobby of a nameless skyscraper in downtown Toronto. On the top floor, she knows, a party for influencers and sponsors of the newly launched app My Gems is taking place. On the guest list is Andi, a fine jewelry blogger and socialite that Jessy wants to get into contact with. Jessy herself, however, is not on that guest list.

Sharing the elevator with a few people, all but one get off on the top floor. Where the gray-suited gentleman who stayed behind is headed, none can say. Jessy expertly lies her way past the doorman and My Gems’ marketing specialist Shrey, allowing her into the party. Several large rooms with tables, couches, a TV showing the hockey game make…

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