The Doll and The Broken

Here I introduce two Player Character Concepts. These concepts are for Players that wants to challenge themselves and the complicated relations of victim and perpetrator. These characters are are inspired by people and events from the real world. It is meant for two players that assumes the Archetypes of The Broken and The Doll.

They are not a normal couple. He is old enough to be her father but still they are clearly lovers. He is nervous and careful and she is acting out.

Does she not resemble that girl that went missing so many years ago?

And is he not that creepy person from the wanted posters?

They both seem odd in their behavior, like they are experience the world for the first time in many years.

They have a car, two suitcases packed and the place they left went up in flames. It was all over the news, house in suburbs burned to the ground and the firemen discovered the remnants of an old bunker or cell beneath the house.

They stopped at a gas station to fill the car up, he bought wet wipes and mineral waters and she bought condoms and a pack of cherry lollipops. Then they drove away into the night.

Who knows where the highway may take them?

Geburah copy

The Broken


Guilty of Crime: You have always longed for order and structure. The world outside your window always felt threatening in all it’s chaos and all disorder. You have never gotten along with “normal” people. And women, they always made you nervous. But you do not want to suffer through life alone so you made a plan. You started to look for the perfect girl, someone young that you could shape according your will. And meanwhile you rebuilt your basement so that it became a soundproof vault with a room with toilet, bed and a door that could be locked from the outside. You kidnapped the girl you picked out, pulled her into a van, and drove to your home and put her in the room that would be her prison for so many years. First you were her father figure that raised her. You trained her to be polite and behave well and you were sadly forced to punish her again and again. When she became a woman your role changed from father to lover. You hated to admit it but you felt that your power started to slip away. It became harder and harder for you to refuse her and you now feel more like here servant rather then her master. And your need for her, your love for her, your obsession just grows. She is the light of your life and when she looks at you with warm eyes you feel truly happy. And the nights when she gives herself to you and she moans in your ear that she loves you everything is okay.

Relation to the Doll (+2)

Disadvantages: Broken, Bad Reputation

Geburah copy

The Doll


Victim of Crime: Your life before the time in the basement is but a vague memory. You had a mother, an older sister and you had started the first year at school. You were never happy there, people were mean to you. You can remember the sound of their voices but not their faces. And then one day when you went to school a white van stopped next to you and you were dragged in by a strange man with sad eyes. He tied you up and kidnapped you. You were brought into a house and a room below ground that for many years became your home. The man that kidnapped you became your new father and he was very strict. He did punish you if you behaved badly, starved you to keep your weight and did see to it that you read books and did math. You waited and waited for the time when the police would come and free you but after years you realized that would never be. And when you became a young woman the man went from being a father to be your lover. He wanted you to be his possession, his slave, his little doll but you never gave in fully. You started to realize that he was the weak one. That he was afraid of the world and afraid that he would lose you. So you started to demand things and bit by bit you regained control. When you told him that you wanted to leave the basement he obeyed. Now he does pretty much what you want and you know that sex and comfort always win him over. What is confusing is that you need him as well. You hate him, but still love him, at least you think so. He is all you know and his breath at your neck and arm around you when he sleeps makes you relax.

Relation to the Broken (+2)

Disadvantages: Object of Desire, Guilt (for the feelings towards the Broken)

Geburah copy


The place that once was home.

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