The Nakatomi Scriptures (Artifact)


This book recites the history of a Samurai family Nakatomi. Their ancestor made a deal with Hod to become Shogun and in that deal every descendant from the bloodline was bound to the Archon and the principle of Honor. If you are initiated into the family line and bound to the book you will be granted many powers. But this demands a Rite of initiation.

This rite is done by a family constellation to swear in new blood in service to Hod. The mother and all sisters must commit suicide by their own will, in such a way that blood is spilled. The child must place his hand in the blood and then leave a hand print in the book. There the child will write its name. This seals the pact. The Mother and the sisters will become wraiths bound to the book. Spirits trapped in the borderlands of life and death. Their suffering and devotion keeps the pact alive. The ghosts will drain the life of those that tries to destroy, steal or remove the book from its true owners.

It is possible for a woman to perform the ritual if her brothers and father commits the sacrifice.

Once you are initiated the book has the following MAGICAL EFFECTS.

  • Aura of power.  If a player character is sworn to the book that person gets +2 Willpower and Intuition and +1 in the other eight Attributes.
  • They will be immune to most diseases and can live for a long time (up to 200 years).
  • Becomes powerful against liars and oath-breakers: If an initiated uses the move, Read a person, and an NPC or PC is caught lying the initiate will have +2 on all attack rolls towards that person. This bonus is also applied if a lie or betrayal is exposed in any way.
  • Forced to tell the truth and behave with honor: If the initiate straight up lies in a situation or behaves shameful and lose face the initiate suffers -4 Stability.
  • May never break a sworn oath: If the initiate breaks a sworn oath he is obliged to commit suicide. If he don’t the ghosts that guard the book will haunt him for the rest of his life and he will lose all powers gained by the ancient tome.


  • One of the ghosts tied to the book seeks salvation and calls out to those that can see through the illusion. She asks them to find the book and destroy it so that hopefully she can be free.
  • A young Japanese woman drove her father and young brother to suicide and bound herself to the book and is now an Initiate. She us using her charisma and newfound power to climb in society. An old servant to Hod is abhorred over the fact that a woman has broken the family tradition and is now hunting her. She is reaching out for help.
  • An old japanese scrap dealer seeks the book to restore honor to his family. The old man, demented, and toothless is actually an Incarnate of Hod who seeks to rebuild his former glory step by step.

You can download the artifact as a PDF here: The Nakatomi Scriptures

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