New Review of KULT: Divinity Lost

There is a new review of KULT: Divinity Lost on I feel is worth sharing. It goes through the book and what it contains in extreme detail. A small piece of the review:

Kult is horrifying. Kult is destabilizing. Kult is unquestionably, really, seriously, not for everybody.

Yes, I am aware that I just started recounting the strong points.

The game is unrepentantly horrific in nature. Its basic metagame premise is that you agree to get terrified… but you we are not talking about ‘happy, wholesome family horror’, cheap editorial scares where something goes ‘boo!’ or Tales from the Crypt with a twist ending that causes mirth. We are talking about getting up from the table feeling drained, not wanting to stay at home alone with the lights off. We are talking about paranoia surrounding a world of conspiracies, further surrounded by a supernatural that literally makes any movie you can think of look like kindergarten material. Kult is not a comfortable game to play, yet that is exactly what it strives for. There are jurisdictions where owning this book would lead to criminal prosecution, due to its obviously anti-religious nature, at least in the way a monotheistic zealot would approach them: humanity is divine, yet the demiurge (the creator, if your Greek is rusty) is evil. Yet, humanity had been stripped of its divinity because of how dangerous and terrifying it was when it had it, and how likely it is to revert into that if it is ever set free. That’s where it all begins from. Where does it end? Wherever you want it to. There is literally no end to the exploration of horror both on a conceptual as well as a practical level. You want philosophy and the supernatural? It’s here. You want the most disgusting gore imaginable? It is also here.

You want more? Read it here!

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