Sandman Slim

This is a guest article by Robert Rosenthal.


Sandman Slim is a series of novels, that is an homage to Raymond Chandler if he based his books on an L.A. if it existed in the KULT universe.

Death is only the beginning, followed by 12 years of pit fighting demons in Hell…and owing Satan a huge debt before returning to seek revenge back on Earth. That is the beginning for Sandman Slim, Hell’s Hitman.

James Stark, aka Sandman Slim, is a supernatural noir series written by Richard Kadrey. The protagonist, anti-hero, Stark’s main driver in life, I mean death, is to seek revenge against the head of the cabal of mages he belonged to before being sent by their leader to Hell. Along the way, he has to deal with demons, an Avenging Angel and the Golden Vigil she leads. The Golden Vigil is a homeland security like government agency that targets hellions on earth and tries to keep the ongoing war between Heaven and Hell out of the public eye.

The writing is crisp, the characters are well-written and no apologies given to the choices Stark makes in his life. He knows who he is, and does what needs getting done. I don’t want to give too much away, as many of the characters and plot points are best discovered as one reads through the series. Some of the highlights are:

1. A butt-kicking porn star who secretly hunts zombies,
2. an alchemist that made himself immortal, but also has a lot of enemies
3. A roommate that is just a head, and a mole for Lucifer
4. A fallen archangel who is Doctor to the macabre
5. The war in Hell and those that seek greater powers

I love Kult for how textured the game can be. While I tend towards a bit more seriousness in the game, Sandman Slim, has great lines and a bit more fun, which makes it a very fast read. You should definitely check it out now while alive since i don’t believe Hell allows books to be checked out of the library.

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