Kuf, a different kind of Kult


So, what is Kuf?

Well it is a Swedish indie RPG written by Wilhelm Person based on the game Knave.

It is clearly inspired by KULT when it comes to the Gnostic backstory and the Dark secrets that haunt the player characters. But instead of going for the personal horror and drama it takes the OSR direction. This is a game focused on equipment, dungeon crawl, rituals and fighting monsters. You are meant to play normal people but it feels very 90s and you are expected to arm yourself with chainsaws, katanas and machine pistols, dress in leather coats and bullet proof vests and collect occult books. Your characters are not meant to survive long and you gather XP by defeating monsters and reading books so that you can gain special power such as Claws and Dark vision.

The rules are fast and simple and is handled with a 1D20. You roll your characters and it is quick to put together a group. Kuf clearly has its charm as a strange offspring of KULT that shows how it could have been if the game had taken a completely different direction. To combine personal horror, gnostic mysticism with dungeon crawl is a strange mix and the author even mention it himself.

The game has a recommended age of 18 and older. But I think this is more a flavor thing to make the game feel more dangerous and dark than it actually is. It is rather an OSR title with monster bashing, some ritual elements and written with a glint in the eye that makes it hard to take it to seriously.

It can clearly be a charming game if you are into OSR and want to explore occult themes and defeat monsters and cults, put on that leather coat and grab that katana.  Probably while you are having a laugh and drink some sodas with your friends.


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