B.B. a NPC for KULT: Divinity Lost


The singer, actress and pop icon Brigitte Bardot made a pact with Tiphareth in her youth to gain fame and beauty. After a failed ballerina career she was about to take her life but through the pact rose to stardom beyond what she could have ever imagined.

She had many years of excess, fame and glory. But the pact was fulfilled and in a hotel room in Cannes, after the premiered her last movie 1973, she gave birth in the bathtub. The child grew before her eyes, crawled out of the blood red water, and with white teeth bit off the umbilical cord. The child proved to be a clone of Brigitte herself. An incarnate of Tiphareth that now has assumed her visage. She kissed her weak and bleeding mother on the lips, wiped the blood and water away with towel, put on a Mary Quant dress, a pair of Vivier stiletto heels, and disappeared into the night.

The clone still has the exact appearance of Brigitte from the early 60s. She is created by the dreams and desires for the superstar and now walks Elysium as a voice and muse sprung from Tiphareths Principle of Allure. She is preferred to be called B.B.

When someone calls out in vain for success and beauty there might be a knocking on the door and B.B. stands there with long lashes, a heavy french accent and a cigarette between her fingers. When she appears the illusion twists and churns – the song you listened to on Spotify is randomize to one of her songs (or a song about her), or that Youtube suddenly starts to play one of the music videos. Both men and women feel a tug of desire to please and possess her.

B.B. can be used as an NPC in any campaign but especially if it has characters that are seeking desire, art or to be liked. She may have information, want to help the players or manipulate people to act against them. She can be the lover to the mad artist, the crime boss, the gallery owner. She can be encountered in a bar or just outside a characters apartment. And then, just like a dream, she may be gone again.

The Doll Archetype: She may seek out a player portraying the Doll and help him or her with advice or even get that person out of a dangerous situation. She will teach that Archetype to use it’s powers in the service of Tiphareth. If the person accepts the Doll can chose to become the Deceiver Archetype instead.

The Artist Archetype: She may seek out a player portraying the Artist and become a muse, lover or patron. With B.B. in the persons life she or he will start to create art that is fueled by the principle of Tiphareth.

The one that wants to be desired: She may seek out a person that seeks fame and desire and let Tiphareths allure flow through that persons essence. It will become the Doll archetype and people will hunger for him or her.

Here is a Music Video that very well may start by itself when she closes in:

Geburah copy


Home: Elysium.

Creature Type: Incarnate of the Archon Tiphareth.



Incarnate: The being is an Incarnate of the Archon Tiphareth. She is not a true living creature but a semblance built up from dreams and desire. If she is destroyed she may be recreated again if the desire for her is strong enough.

French Mystique and Smokey Eyes: The being creates a desire and enthrallment in people. And if she has not done anything aggressive it is very hard to harm her. Most people (and NPCs) couldn’t force themselves to hurt her. If a player initiates combat/attacks B.B. she needs to roll Keep it Together: 15+ She can attack as normal. 10-14 Can attack but all rolls will have -2 during the combat. 9 or less and she can’t act towards her.

Combat [2], Influence [4], Magic [2]


Dirty fighting (Scratch, claw, bite and burn with cigarette).

Run away (on high heels)


Natural beauty and charm (Keep it Together or +1 Relationship to B.B.).

Bringer of comfort (She may increase 2 Stability in a person with encouraging words or love making).

People give her gifts, buy her drinks and pay for clothes and hotel rooms.

Ruin someone’s self confidence. (Keep it Together or lose Stability: 15+ 0 stability, 10-14 2 Stability, 9 or less 4 Stability).


Make someone a vessel for Tiphareth (change Archetype – see Story Hooks).

Appear in a dream.


B.B. is not that good at fighting. Her powerful aura makes it difficult for people to even consider using violence against her. But if it happens she fights with anger, spewing out french curse words, and using any object that is close at hand (bottles, ashtrays, stiletto heels, vases). For some reason there is always something nasty and sharp close at hand when she needs it.

Dirty fighting: Clawing and scratching [0] [Distance: arm]; Using objects as temporary weapons [2] [Distance: arm]; Throwing things [1] [Distance: Room].


Wounds & Harm Moves

Wounds: OOOO

Her tear-filled eyes meets the attacker [Attacker loses 1 Stability].

She tries to flee.

She gets down her knees and begs for her life.

She dies with a painful scream [The one that killed her loses 2 Stability]. She may be brought back to life if there are enough people missing her and desiring her. Then she might take shape again from the dream. But that is another story.

Geburah copy

Here is a link if you want to download BB as a PDF: B.B. PDF

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