The Nakatomi Scriptures (Artifact)


This book recites the history of a Samurai family Nakatomi. Their ancestor made a deal with Hod to become Shogun and in that deal every descendant from the bloodline was bound to the Archon and the principle of Honor. If you are initiated into the family line and bound to the book you will be granted many powers. But this demands a Rite of initiation.

This rite is done by a family constellation to swear in new blood in service to Hod. The mother and all sisters must commit suicide by their own will, in such a way that blood is spilled. The child must place his hand in the blood and then leave a hand print in the book. There the child will write its name. This seals the pact. The Mother and the sisters will become wraiths bound to the book. Spirits trapped in the borderlands of life and death. Their suffering and devotion keeps the pact alive. The ghosts will drain the life of those that tries to destroy, steal or remove the book from its true owners.

It is possible for a woman to perform the ritual if her brothers and father commits the sacrifice.

Once you are initiated the book has the following MAGICAL EFFECTS.

  • Aura of power.  If a player character is sworn to the book that person gets +2 Willpower and Intuition and +1 in the other eight Attributes.
  • They will be immune to most diseases and can live for a long time (up to 200 years).
  • Becomes powerful against liars and oath-breakers: If an initiated uses the move, Read a person, and an NPC or PC is caught lying the initiate will have +2 on all attack rolls towards that person. This bonus is also applied if a lie or betrayal is exposed in any way.
  • Forced to tell the truth and behave with honor: If the initiate straight up lies in a situation or behaves shameful and lose face the initiate suffers -4 Stability.
  • May never break a sworn oath: If the initiate breaks a sworn oath he is obliged to commit suicide. If he don’t the ghosts that guard the book will haunt him for the rest of his life and he will lose all powers gained by the ancient tome.


  • One of the ghosts tied to the book seeks salvation and calls out to those that can see through the illusion. She asks them to find the book and destroy it so that hopefully she can be free.
  • A young Japanese woman drove her father and young brother to suicide and bound herself to the book and is now an Initiate. She us using her charisma and newfound power to climb in society. An old servant to Hod is abhorred over the fact that a woman has broken the family tradition and is now hunting her. She is reaching out for help.
  • An old japanese scrap dealer seeks the book to restore honor to his family. The old man, demented, and toothless is actually an Incarnate of Hod who seeks to rebuild his former glory step by step.

You can download the artifact as a PDF here: The Nakatomi Scriptures

The Four Voices of Hate


In the basement of a mental hospital in Libanon a comatose patient is connected to a respirator and gets a constant intravenous drip. The patient is a former Dream Magician that was ensnared by Hareb-Serap. The mind of this demented Dream Magician now stretches out from the world of dreams and seeps into the network of the internet. And there in forums it spreads hate, conflict and nurture the thought of conflict.

The Dream Magician has a split personality with four different characters that hates the world as much as they hate each other. They have manifested themselves online and influence four extreme organizations and fuel them with vitriol and hatred. And they lash out against each other again and again and whips up conflict and vivaciousness. A small group of nurses and a doctor is keeping watch over the patient. As long as the body lives and the mind is trapped Hareb-Seraps spirit can act through it.

Over time the four personalities have influenced or built up organizations that are vessels for conflict. They have each gotten their own worshipers. Their own followers and the most devoted among them is slowly turning into Jackals devoted to the Raven of Dispersion, Hareb-Serap. They exist online under different names spewing hateful rhetoric. But hackers that dive into their origin find that their well hidden IP-addresses seems strange. And that the hidden leaders for these five organizations has one origin – a mental hospital in Libanon.

If a group of people would find this location. Awaken the dreamer or kill the body then the power behind these organizations would start to dwindle. They would become leaderless and confused and for a while the world become a place with less conflicts. For players to do this they would need to gather clues at the core of each organization, perhaps infiltrate it to get hand of the pieces to solve the puzzle.

Art sefi4 copy

National Policy Institute

White supremacy, national socialism and old thoughts about ethnicity and racial superiority but re-branded into the catchy alt-right. A right wing think tank believed to be lead by Richard Spencer but he is in fact a puppet of the Dream Magician. The conflict and hate is aimed towards jews, muslims, women and LBTQ individuals.

Personality: The Stern Father Harold Mirror is the name of the persona. It is the oldest and most conservative personality but it is also very patient. If you talk with it on the phone, or on webcam, or chat with Steiner you will understand it as an old, conservative, white man that uses fancy (although flawed) rhetoric and a dream of “a golden age” that we must return to as society. And to do that the white race must be protected.

Hareb Serap copy

Isis Recruitment

A new form of recruitment started online with the birth of Isis. From being boring preaches about Islam now it was a new form of “jihadi cool”. The target were disaffected millennials, suggesting one is never too young to be a warrior for God and tapping into conventional teenage concerns such as peer pressure and trying to impress one’s associates. The encrypted groups also target girls, capitalizing on global “female empowerment” movements and calling them to “shame their male counterparts” by taking up the call to violence.

Personality: The Radical Brother Mohammad Mir’ah is the name of the persona. A man that has very radical and conservative view on the world but with a charisma that is very intense. He publishes videos online where he recruits people to the cause and to join the Jihad. Even though Isis is beaten in many ways he still publish videos urging followers to not lose faith and to cause suffering to the countries that they return to.

Hareb Serap copy

Women’s Liberation Front

This feminist group sees men as their enemies. They despise trans people and has become a great divider within the left where they are hated by many left wing groups that support trans people. They are against the new form of gender ideology and manage to be radical and conservative at the same time. Even though their influence is weak their radical statements causes great upset in the alt-right (giving them what they want) and also causes a conflict within the feminist community.

Personality: MIRROR_WoLF is the nickname of an outspoken member and radical feminist that has radicalized the Women’s Liberation Front. She hates men, she hates transgender people and she despises women that live in heterosexual relationships. On blogs, mailing lists she stirs up the vitriol demanding everything from chemical castration to banning of pornography.

Hareb Serap copy

Incel Subculture

Incels or “involuntary celibates” are members of an online subculture who define themselves as unable to find a romantic or sexual partner despite desiring one, a state they describe as inceldom. They are almost all white and all of them are male. They meet on online forums and spew out resentment, misanthropy, self-pity, misogyny, racism, and hate. They push each other to get hold of weapons and kill women and immigrants. Some of the Incels have turned into Jackals. Hating the world as much as they hate themselves.

Personality: MaLkAvIaN BooGiE is a self proclaimed internet prophet. He uploads videos where he sit in his basement shouting out hatred and anger against the world, but mostly against women. He has a big following and he creates a sense of camaraderie and belonging with his fellow outcasts. For many young men with low self esteem he is seen as a big brother figure. He tweets, shares videos and when there is a shooting made by an incel he defend that person of being “pushed to the limit.”

Hareb Serap copy

New Review of KULT: Divinity Lost

There is a new review of KULT: Divinity Lost on I feel is worth sharing. It goes through the book and what it contains in extreme detail. A small piece of the review:

Kult is horrifying. Kult is destabilizing. Kult is unquestionably, really, seriously, not for everybody.

Yes, I am aware that I just started recounting the strong points.

The game is unrepentantly horrific in nature. Its basic metagame premise is that you agree to get terrified… but you we are not talking about ‘happy, wholesome family horror’, cheap editorial scares where something goes ‘boo!’ or Tales from the Crypt with a twist ending that causes mirth. We are talking about getting up from the table feeling drained, not wanting to stay at home alone with the lights off. We are talking about paranoia surrounding a world of conspiracies, further surrounded by a supernatural that literally makes any movie you can think of look like kindergarten material. Kult is not a comfortable game to play, yet that is exactly what it strives for. There are jurisdictions where owning this book would lead to criminal prosecution, due to its obviously anti-religious nature, at least in the way a monotheistic zealot would approach them: humanity is divine, yet the demiurge (the creator, if your Greek is rusty) is evil. Yet, humanity had been stripped of its divinity because of how dangerous and terrifying it was when it had it, and how likely it is to revert into that if it is ever set free. That’s where it all begins from. Where does it end? Wherever you want it to. There is literally no end to the exploration of horror both on a conceptual as well as a practical level. You want philosophy and the supernatural? It’s here. You want the most disgusting gore imaginable? It is also here.

You want more? Read it here!

Kult Kickstarter Editions for sale!


The remaing RAW, UNCENSORED and VISCERAL Kickstarter editions of KULT: Divinity Lost is now for sale in Helmgasts webshop:

These are the true editions that follow the original vision before they were toned down to fit a more sensitive audience (US). And I guess, to be able to sell them in book stores.

These few remaining copies will probably be sold out pretty quickly.


Sandman Slim

This is a guest article by Robert Rosenthal.


Sandman Slim is a series of novels, that is an homage to Raymond Chandler if he based his books on an L.A. if it existed in the KULT universe.

Death is only the beginning, followed by 12 years of pit fighting demons in Hell…and owing Satan a huge debt before returning to seek revenge back on Earth. That is the beginning for Sandman Slim, Hell’s Hitman.

James Stark, aka Sandman Slim, is a supernatural noir series written by Richard Kadrey. The protagonist, anti-hero, Stark’s main driver in life, I mean death, is to seek revenge against the head of the cabal of mages he belonged to before being sent by their leader to Hell. Along the way, he has to deal with demons, an Avenging Angel and the Golden Vigil she leads. The Golden Vigil is a homeland security like government agency that targets hellions on earth and tries to keep the ongoing war between Heaven and Hell out of the public eye.

The writing is crisp, the characters are well-written and no apologies given to the choices Stark makes in his life. He knows who he is, and does what needs getting done. I don’t want to give too much away, as many of the characters and plot points are best discovered as one reads through the series. Some of the highlights are:

1. A butt-kicking porn star who secretly hunts zombies,
2. an alchemist that made himself immortal, but also has a lot of enemies
3. A roommate that is just a head, and a mole for Lucifer
4. A fallen archangel who is Doctor to the macabre
5. The war in Hell and those that seek greater powers

I love Kult for how textured the game can be. While I tend towards a bit more seriousness in the game, Sandman Slim, has great lines and a bit more fun, which makes it a very fast read. You should definitely check it out now while alive since i don’t believe Hell allows books to be checked out of the library.

Chernobyl – the setting for a KULT story?

Did just watch this trailer from HBO:

I just have the urge to tell a story in KULT: Divinity Lost in this setting. During these dramatic, and dystopian, days. The nuclear power plant on fire. The government that does not act at all in the beginning. Radiation sickness and desperation. And that something dark awakens. A creature of Nahemoth. Was the explosion the grand finale of a macabre ritual that took place in the small community?