The KULT Collectible Card Game

There was a Collectible Card Game for KULT. Driven by the success of the CCG Doomtrooper, Äventyrsspel (then publishers of KULT), decided to explore the KULT setting. It was made to resemble a tarot game in one sense and the idea is that you as a player are fighting for the souls of mankind. And that is what I find as one of the most intriguing parts. You as a player portrays one of the Archons or one of the Death Angels.

You are that power that tries to sway the souls of mankind and at the same time use them to destroy your opponents base of power.

According to the publishers the game did okay, but it was not worth the effort and was seen as a bit to dark and strange by players in general.

The designer of the game has still a page dedicated to it where you can read the complete rules, find card lists and much more:

20190317_201628 copy

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