The Flaying Knife (artifact)


Flaying Knife free

This curved blade was the prized artifact of a gathering of Jackals worshiping Hareb-Serap in Kashmir. Their leader used it in their rituals where they flayed their sacrificial victims alive. It was stolen by a Magician of Time and Space and brought to the US. It was there traded to a Death cult living in the subway system of New York City. Either it is still there or it has wandered on to some new owner.

The flaying knife have the following MAGICAL EFFECTS.

  • When you flay the skin from a victim you may dress a person in the skin (including the flayer). The skin will fold around the individual and become one with that person. The person will assume the exact identity and even have the same voice, retina scan, blood type and DNA as the original wearer. The skin can be pulled off, which is a painful and time consuming task, otherwise it will start to become gray and smelly and peel off in about a month. If you smear it with human blood it will revitalize itself and stay fresh.
  • The soul of the victim that is flayed is claimed by Hareb-Serap if no other pact or force have already claimed the soul.
  • The knife is bound to Hareb-Serap and if someone dies with the knife on his or her person that soul will be claimed by the Raven of Dispersion.
  • The flaying knife seeks to keep its wearer alive. An NPC fighting with the knife gets two extra wound boxes. A player can take one additional critical wound.
  • If the wearer of the knife performs a magical ritual that involves a human or animal sacrifice that person gets +1 to the roll.
  • If the knife is a long time in an area (about 2 square kilometers) conflicts and angry outbursts will become more common. People will get short tempered and agitated. This is the presence of Hareb-Seraps principle. Any creature tied to Hareb-Serap (including Jackals that serve him) can feel the vicinity of the knife if they are in the area. They cannot pinpoint its exact location but can feel if it is in a building or on a certain floor. And if it is being moved.


  • The Jackals from Kashmir have arrived and they are looking for their prized artifact.
  • A cultist uses the knife to assume the identity of someone one of the Characters knows.
  • A Lictor wants the knife found and destroyed.
  • It ends up in a pawn shop by mistake.
  • Player needs the knife to assume a false identity.

Geburah copy

Here you can Download the artifact as a PDF: The Flaying Knife PDF.

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