What is Divinity Worth?


I have been in a very dark mental state. The family issues and the crippling depression that came over me again. Like an old friend that overstays its welcome. But it made me think and I have come to realize that KULT: Divinity Lost is a game that asks a profound question?

What is Divinity worth?

The Illusion is our prison. That is true. We are kept small and feeble. Also true. But what will our divine selves be? If we infuse ourselves with unstoppable power, we just strip ourselves of morality. We indulge in whatever desire there is. What are we then?

To me it sounds like we would be the same as the most greedy capitalists. Only thinking about themselves and exploiting all others. Tyrants without sympathy or heart? Can we truly be “good” if our power is limitless.

So I ask you? What is Divinity Worth?

What would you think of your godly self?

7 thoughts on “What is Divinity Worth?

    1. I definitely think he had kind of a good point, back then…
      It seems most of the other sentient species in the cosmos (or what was left of them, e.g. Azghouls) really didn’t mind him imprioning us, after all we did to them. Many of them are still spiteful towards us even to this day.

      The old lore leaves it very ambiguous, except that we were Gods, with god-like powers… but the new corebook does a great job of conveying this nagging feeling that we must have been anything but *benevolent* or nice gods.
      Seems we were more like time-warping, planet-destroying, genocidal, trans-dimensional war criminals.

      One could therefore make a very good argument that we may have had it coming…


  1. Well, I have a few thoughts to express.

    It’s a potent point you make, but for one, it assumes the resumption of divinity as the restoration of a template, like being able to re-load a past save of a file that isn’t ‘glitchy.’ Everything that happened in the interim is lost. But what if it isn’t?

    What if the suffering, the memories of being hurt and broken and weak linger? What if it’s possible for the new Divine Man to have gained, well, humanity?

    And for that matter, what precisely, is the exact relationships of the Archons to the Principles they embody and use to imprison us? This is my take, but the way they are described in the book, they don’t come across so much as Principles = bad as the Principles taken to the extremes.

    The book explicitly says “Geburah represents the conservative forces in society. He enforces laws and social norms, no matter how relevant or just they are, and punishes any who refuse to obey.”

    Our Constitution, the very thing that should attune with him, keeps space to protect the rights of others, even – especially – if they are in the hated minorities, the different. The law that itself limits the law.

    Kether, though he is the Archon of Hierarchy, does not spring for just any hierarchy, no. He likes autocracy, but he WANTS are full-blown absolute monarchs with the Divine Right of Kings.

    Tiphareth is Allure, but her description emphasizes the superficial, the attraction distracts us from the substantive – the airbrushed model photo, the celebrity tabloid rags – Justin Bieber is a lictor, I am sure of it.

    Buddhism may hint at the truth, the Illusion and how to escape the grasp of the Archons, that the extremes of attachment they represent are not the truth Principles, and by balance, compassion and understanding, we could help free ourselves without losing ourselves.

    What say you?


    1. These are interesting thoughts.
      How will the process of being “pushed into the dirt” change mankind when/if it regain its divinity.

      Will we go back into our own ways, Or will we actually learn?

      But it is interesting what you mention about the principles. That they are sort of sickly and extreme. Were they always like this. Or is this something that happened after the disappearance of the Demiurge. They got greedy, sick and twisted. So they lost their pure and more gentle side and became corrupted.

      Or, they were always like that. A machinery and prison that was meant to degrade and torture us. Does not seem to unlikely.


    2. Thank you for this very inspired and inspiring comment, Gabe!

      The first two paragraphs are something I have never considered, but makes complete sense. Our imprisonment in the Illusion could be seen as an educational measure… and it might actually work!

      Also your point about the Principles (law, hierarchy, allure) is very insightful. Perhaps some sort of deep-seated free-spiritedness of us humans (aka, our slumbering divinity) is keeping us from “handing over” the Constitution to Geburah wholesale. Not that he wouldn’t try to influence it in his way, of couurse – but perhaps there is resistance, not only from agents of Malkuth (because rebellion against autocratic rulers and fascist legislation would be a must for them!), but also from “run of the mill” human souls, every step of the way. Like a big tug-of-war that has been going on ever since our Imprisonment?

      Likewise, servants of Tiphareth will routinely pay lip service to the idea of “inner values” being as important (or even more so, dare we think it?!) as outwards appearance, while they will actually do their worst to pull humanity towards worshipping shallow beauty above all else…

      (Of course, seeing it as a gameworld for a minute, one could also always say that “no, in my Kult universe, the Constitution is totally fascist, those handful of remaining European monarchs are actually absolutist autocrats of the worst kind, and the tabloids and talkshows are truly filled with nothing but superficial shit, no depths to them whatsoever!”… because, you know, that’s how the Archons would *make* the world if they got unshackled from their Greater Plan (i.e. by the death of god). GMs who run World of Darkness sometimes (often?) do this kind of thing, painting everything that little (or crass) bit darker than in the real world… and with Kult, it’s certainly an option as well, although I guess it depends on the kind of tone and mood you want to go for with the game…)

      Anyways, I fully agree with your last paragraph as well: if there is a way to free ourselves from the shackles of the Archons without falling into the traps of the Death Angels in exchange, it must lie in balance, temperation, understanding, and yes, perhaps compassion and empathy.
      Perhaps those last ones are what we lacked as god-beings, and what we are supposed to learn in the Imprisonment?


  2. Karma: I by mistake thrashed your comment – and I could not restore it. Sorry!
    But you had some great questions. If we as mankind would learn and if there were any forces of good in the Universe of KULT.

    Well, I do not know. It is hard to say. Good, I guess that there is a chance that we change. But how long does it take before we go back to our old ways. Perhaps we need the Illusion to be “good”


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