Make me a Child of the Underworld


The Underworld

The chapter about The Underworld in the core rules of KULT: Divinity Lost is just so painfully good. It is written in a way that you feel the emptiness, the echoes, the whispers in the labyrinth. And for some reason I can’t really get it out of my mind.

I think the prospect of portraying one of the Children of the Underworld is an interesting one. Sure, it will be hard to portray something alien and strange. But they have such a fascinating story and I think they could become very distinct archetypes.

So, if I would have a request of an official supplement it would be a book, or a stand alone game, where you play a Child of the Underworld.


I want to play as a Famaria! 


3 thoughts on “Make me a Child of the Underworld

  1. Indeed! The Children of the Underworld have their very own, very distinct mini-setting within the larger gameworld of Kult, and it sounds like a great place to play a campaign or three!

    The only “problem” is that it would be kinda at odds with some of the core Kult precepts (its strongly humanocentric approach, first and foremost). But I do wonder if perhaps Petter Nallo has a spin-off game, or indeed a supplement for K:DL, up his sleeves for some time in the future, perhaps…?

    Or maybe one could play half-human / half-Child-of-theUnderworld characters. They do seem to be in need of human genetic material to procreate after all, and it might even stand to reason that they might see the creation of outright “half-breeds” as a means to infiltrate the surface, to more efficiently operate against the Archons up there…

    It would be a setting / sourcebooks that allows to shed a lot of light on pre-Fall times and events – since the CotUW would remember (not personally, except for those who never die – but those would likely not make very good player characters – but in their lore and legends) a lot of the bad shit that Humans used to do to them back in the days… It might be real chance to reveal more about those crimes against other sentient species, and could cater very well to themes of revenge, restitution, atonement, and forgiveness…


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