When one added sentence during translation destroys the game.

When I was reading the first edition of KULT in English I stumbled over a sentence that baffled me. The sentence claimed that mankind are in fact angels that the Demiurge created and then threw down to earth.

What the Actual Fuck!

Angels or not

This goes against everything else that is said in the book. I looked up the Swedish original and there are no sign of those words in that same passage.

Angels or not 2

So somewhere, somehow a translator or editor added that sentence to the book. Why? Because it sounded cool? Well, that is just the thing you need to do to destroy the mythology of a game and confuse the players.

No wonder the different editions of KULT derailed more and more into confusion. Thank the DemiurgeĀ for the people at Helmgast that understood what KULT was.