Kult is Kinky


You know what. Kult is Kinky.

To have the passion for Kult is the same thing as to be enthralled by “kinky” sexual acts. BDSM, Ponyplay, Domination, Humiliation, Whips, Chains, Shibari, Sweaty Gangbangs,  Golden Showers, Knifeplay and Asphyxiation. When you devote yourself to this you feel alive and you feel arousal in a completely new way.

Those that only like vanilla can’t understand the thrill. “How can you like those things?”,  “It isn’t normal!”, “Why can’t you just have normal sex?”, “It isn’t safe!”.

Some vanilla people will be interested and pick up Kult and immediately realize that it is not for them. Others think they want it but realize that they were looking for that light spanking after all.

And all this is of course okay. You should feel free explore and do so carefully.


Time for a “gaming session?” 

What is NOT okay is when people within the vanilla crowd (or those that only like one particular kink) will try to impose their sexuality and make Kult more agreeable to them. They wish it to become less rough and more soft. More like 50 shades of grey, just kinder and more gentle. Sort of mainstream kink that looks dangerous but is just a tease. Instead of whips and gags they suggest some lights spanking and perhaps a little feather to tickle with.

Because they can’t understand the nature of the desire and accept that others have the need they will try to shun it, shame it (kultshaming), or perhaps even ban it. “That is just sick!”, “People will get hurt!”, “You must be self destructive or have been abused as a child.”, “It is just an edgy act!”. 

They can’t understand that the sexuality is nothing that you choose it is something that calls to you from deep within. That desire and pull towards the dark. It is nothing you do to stand out and be “cool”. It is entangled in your very soul.

So just accept it: If you are a Kultist you are a Kinkster.