Voices of the Dead (De Dödas Röster)


Do you understand Swedish? Do you like KULT: Divinity Lost? Can you enjoy radio dramas? Well, then I’ll have to recommend The Voices of the Dead (De Dödas Röster).

The Radio Drama is written by Sara Bergmark Elfgren one of Sweden’s most famous authors that has been translated into 25 languages and who’s books have been turned into movies.

The drama is in eight episodes and is a faked documentary investigating a murder that took place in Stockholm in the 90s. We follow a group of alternative youths and outcasts that explore occultism through Role Playing Games. KULT is one of the key features in the drama that weaves in a mystical aspect of the story and introduces a demon. The Eyeless One.  This demon is in fact also featured in the new edition of KULT: Divinity Lost.

Petter Nallo, Creative Director of KULT: Divinity Lost was involved in the radio drama as a consultant.

You find the radio drama here: DE DÖDAS RÖSTER.