Why you roll two 10 sided dice

I just realized something that gave me a smile. The penny dropped you could say. Okay, so here is a question for you? Why do you roll two ten sided dice in KULT: Divinity Lost?

In most Apocalypse World games you roll 2D6. So why the change? Sure, it might be that the Enlightened Archetypes have a higher top score in their attributes but it is really everything?

Well, I got a clue when I looked at the dice from the official dice set. They are red and black and look nice but the only real difference is that nr 1 on both dice are changed to the Sephiroth/Qliphoth symbol.


The official Kult dice. They are nice but overpriced. If you have a pair of D10s use them instead. Still they was the clue I needed to unlock the symbolic riddle. 

Then it hit me. The dice represent the Illusion. One dice is the 10 Archons, the other is the 10 Death Angels. For a human it does not matter. Both side will always try to chain you down. You are bound by the rules that the illusion dictates. And of course, when you roll a 1, or worse two 1s. Well you are completely in the grip of the Higher powers.

To me this is just the perfect when the game design is mixed with symbolism and the very spirit of the game in this profound way. And then I realized. We have 10 Attributes. And there is a pattern there as well.

I love the minds that made this game. 

The whole game is a ritual. Each dice roll is a part of a ceremony. And it shows that there is no escape from the illusion by playing the game by the rules, we need to find another path to escape our prison. 

Seek gnosis my brothers and sisters. Seek and you shall find in this life or the next. 

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