The Archetypes & The Movies

When you look at the archetypes in KULT: Divinity Lost. What characters come to mind? What images from movies and TV first pop up into your brain? Well here are the characters that me and my players first thought about.

The AgentThe ArtistThe AvengerThe BrokenThe CareeristThe CriminalThe CursedThe DeciverThe DescendantThe DetectiveThe DollThe DrifterThe FixerThe OccultistThe ProphetThe RoninThe ScientistThe SeekerThe Veteran

Does it seem sensible? Does some of them feel completely wrong in their category?

When your players have trouble deciding what archetype to play you can show them this list and hopefully it might inspire them.

Also, thanks to Jenny for the hours spent in Photoshop.

14 thoughts on “The Archetypes & The Movies

    1. I would say that Saul is the Careerist. Jesse Pinkman could be the Drifter. Tuco would be the Criminal.

      When it comes to Sin City I would say it like this:
      Hartigan = The Detective
      Marv = The Veteran
      Nancy = The Doll
      Roark = The Careerist
      Goldie = The Deceiver
      Gail = The Fixer
      etc etc


      1. Cool thank you for the piinters.
        Any idea on Justified.
        I know most are straight forward, but Raylan Givens could be…
        Or veteran?


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