The Laraine Estate (Scenario Review)

Laraine Estate

The Laraine Estate is written by Sarah Richardson. It’s a haunted house tale with a wet and sticky erotic vibe to it that can be found in Taroticum and Other Tales. Set on the countryside of southern US it is centered around an old mansion that is rumored to be haunted. Since the building is abandoned fans of the supernatural, explorers and teens that seeks thrills have sought it out. One of them, “Popper Polly”, a quite famous Youtube star has gone missing and the final upload was a strange video that is said to be from the estate.

The premade characters all have a connection to people that have disappeared in the mansion or to the mansion itself but it is easy to make own characters and tie them to the story. In fact, this scenario would work very well as a classical scenario of ‘a group investigators on a mission’.

The investigation begins with the mansion and there are some strange things that happens in the building and then an entrance is found to the subterranean levels where things turn… strange. And dark.

I don’t want to spoil what is down there but it is different and quite provocative.

This scenario is well worth playing. There are some cool descriptions and interesting scenes where the player characters really are challenge in how they should act. Still, I think that the mansion itself could have been described in a bit more detail right now it feels rushed over. For an investigation scenario there aren’t that many things to investigate. I think that the premade characters could have been tied tighter to the story now they have a clear role in it but it is not as strong as I feel it could have been. Also, I would have loved to have some more artworks in the layout. We get the chapter heading and some maps and I think the art for this could have made it more interesting to read.

What is especially intriguing is the backstory. This is what makes the scenario to stand out and be KULT and not just any kind of horror setting. I love that Sarah Richardson used an Angel of Tiphareth as the main antagonist and that the angel isn’t evil. Just broken and desperate and tries to do good. It gives me a lot of ideas how I can use them in my own KULT: Divinity Lost campaigns.

There is a nice mix of old and new. The old haunted mansion is mixed with Youtube celebrities. And I really like that it does not shy away from sexual themes and dares to be intense and “full frontal”. Perfect for a singe game session.

2 thoughts on “The Laraine Estate (Scenario Review)

  1. I too found this scenario highly inspiring, but would have wished for a few more detailed descriptions (and, yes, a little bit more to investigate / backstories of the PCs more tightly relevant to the goings-on in the Estate)

    We discussed it over on the K:DL forum for a bit, and found the need to come up with a few good solutions for certain questions that came up when prepping it for a sessions, but aren’t adressed in the scenario text, sadly.

    I find it’s still a great idea at its core, and a good starting point. But any prospective GM may have to put in some work in advance to make sure they feel really confident running it… (unlike some other scenarios in the book, which feel much more like they could be run straight from the book with little to no advance prep)


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