Nahemoth – The Shadow of Malkuth

This is an insight after a discussion online and I tried to formulate my thoughts here. This dives quite deep into a very specific part of the KULT-mythology. 


The Archons principles creates Shadows. These are the  the Death Angels principles.

It is the natural outcome when you establish a divine commandment that the commandment itself will cause a counter reaction. For example, Kethers principle of Hierarchy dictates that one should rule over many. When that principle is in existence it casts a shadow and that shadow is Power. Now when you can have different positions of privilege in society you create the hunger for power to reach these positions. Power is the principle of Thaumiel. Thus the Archons and Death Angels exists in pairs.

But then we come to Malkuth and her shadow Nahemoth. And here there are a discrepancy. Malkuth is the principle of Awakening (and rebellion to some extent). She is trying to tear down the illusion. And Nahemoth is Discord. The chaos and disasters in the world around us. Storms, large fires, chemical spills and so on. Why is that? That does not seem to have anything to do with Malkuth.

We need to go back to understand Malkuths original principle. The one of Conformity and her role in creating Elysium (the world we live in). She was the repetitive cycles that we took for granted and that lulled us to sleep. She was the night and day. The seasons. The tide. She was the natural order in the natural world. In Hebrew mysticism Malkuth means Kingdom. It is associated with the realm of matter/earth and relates to the physical world. Some occultists have also likened Malkuth to a cosmic filter, as it lies above the world of the Qliphoth, or the Tree of Death (the power of the Death Angels).

So even though Malkuth has changed principle Nahemoth is still the shadow of the old Malkuth. She is the Discord in the Conformity. The storms that ravages the oceans, the earthquakes that breaks our calm lives apart. She is the unknown outside of the conformity. She is the cracks in Malkuths creation. Now that mankind has started to tear Elysium apart in their own natural catastrophes (global warming, nuclear leaks, toxic spills) these are things where Nahemoth can become powerful. In Hebrew mythology she is associated with great disturbances in nature, the nighttime hours, witches and the name is derived from the demon Naamah, the sister of Lilith.

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