Politically Correct Queer Kult?

Is KULT: Divinity Lost a queer game? Is it, as some claim, a part of some of left wing Political Correctness Agenda?

Well, if you read chapter Chapter 12 in KULT: Divinity Lost you will find this passage.










It defines that the biggest lies that imprisons mankind is that of Ethnicity, Gender and Hierarchy. And yes, it is Queer in the sense that mankind in our divine power could reshape our bodies and be whatever we wished to be when it came to gender.

In the first edition of KULT rebirth is something that transpires within the same family and bloodline again and again. Also in the same ethnic group. Since the body always resembles the previous owner (and in magic rituals where you take over another persons body you transform into your original shape so that even the DNA is reshaped).


Rebirth 2
From first edition of KULT. 

So there is a clear difference how gender is depicted in KULT: Divinity Lost compared to the original. And I guess you could call it more Queer. Now is this because of some sort of Left Wing Queer Agenda? No, if you ask me, it is because KULT: Divinity Lost is a game that is true to its Gnostic roots.

In Gnosticism genders are described as part of our imprisonment. The natural form is to be the non-gender or gender binary. We are concerned about the soul. Not the body or not your gender identity.

Gnostic is Queer. Kult is Gnostic. Deal with it. 



2 thoughts on “Politically Correct Queer Kult?

  1. Or it just wants to show the madness that is divinity. And ground the setting more in the modern world, making the horror more close to us.


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