Creations from the Abyss

The Abyss

Once upon a time the Abyss was the place you visited to get information about Kult. On you could find fan made material such as art and sourcebooks for the old versions of KULT. It was strictly non profit and had a dedicated team of freelancers that strove to keep the true vision of KULT alive.

Now the site is down and most of the material is lost. I have searched the internet and talked to people that had involvement in The Abyss to find the old fan material and make it available again. A big thanks to Rodrigo Urzúa who provided most of the material!

Note, I do not have any rights to this material. If you find material that you have made in this collection and don’t want it displayed just contact me [basilidesthelema at] and I will remove it. Likewise, if you have fan material that has not been added to this collection. Contact me and I will update the folders.

Here you can download the MATERIAL FROM THE ABYSS






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