Rules for using the KULT Tarot Deck


You can now Download the rules for using the KULT: Divinity Lost tarot deck here.

Even if you don’t have the tarot deck I still suggest checking it out because it is a great resource for the Gamemaster.

Each card contains people, locations, situations, items and much more that can be used when shaping a campaign or scenario for KULT: Divinity Lost or any other horror RPG for that matter. There is just an abundance of material like a great table of random results.


This is the description of 1 of the 68 cards. Each with a clear theme and connected to the illusion and our road to Awakening. 

It is impressive how much sense the cards make when you study them. Now I have only started to use them but each card suit is itself a journey. Take for example the Suit of Skulls that is described like this:

This suit represents Death as a breakthrough to the other side, as well as the mortal destruction that binds us to our flesh. It is strongly connected to both Metropolis and the Archons, as well as to Inferno and the Death Angels.

One one end, Card 1 you have Metropolis. On the other end, Card 9 you have Inferno. Both path of the machinery that governs and binds the souls of mankind after death. The middle card, that balance the suit is Card 5 and represents Transition from Life to Death. So just by studying the suit you can see the different ways the soul may wander. And the steps that goes out from Card 5 both up and down are steps towards Metropolis or Inferno. Very, very nicely done. I am extremely impressed by the level of detail and can only applaud the creator Petter Nallo for this.  All five suits have this beautiful balance.

Besides the cards there is a system how to do a Tarot Reading and I can clearly show that you easily can create your own, far more complex, especially if you are experienced in using Tarot cards. It is worth noting though that the KULT tarot is different from the normal tarot, it is not just that the motifs are different.

Now, lets just talk a little bit about the card art by Axel Torvenius because it is glorious! It is steeped in the occult and I really wish that they would have used more of his art for the core book. But I can see that it would diverge to much from the established style.

TarotJust a few of the amazing cards in the Tarot by the talented Axel Torvenius. 

The Tarot Cards could have been a simple prop but this is a truly impressive product both when it comes to design and art. It is a must when you play the scenario Taroticum and as a Gamemaster they can be the key to your subconscious. I truly appreciate the level of spiritual depth KULT: Divinity Lost offers.



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