Tobias Kwan and his Divine Mind!

The art in KULT: Divinity Lost is exceptional. Few other games (if any) has reached that level of quality. It practically drips of religious symbolism, hidden meanings and otherworldliness. Ancient mixed with modern. Symbols, labyrinths and shapes.

You can see clear dedications to both classical art, religious art as well as surrealists like Zdzisław Beksiński and many others.

Now, the art in Kult, and the artists are of highest quality. But if there is one artist that I would like to see in the game it is Tobias Kwan. He is a master of using light, his art is surreal and haunting but at the same time beautiful and when you study it, it slowly expands your mind. His art, for me, just feels like KULT: Divinity Lost.

Below are some samples of his creations:

TKwan1The top artwork could be the Dream World. The bottom two are to me Inferno. The Nepharite Clergy in some dark pursuits. 

Tkwan2The kind of creatures you would likely encounter in the Dream World of Nicolette Pasteur (page 267 in the core book). 

Tkwan3Just some more of his wonderful art. Nightmarish and beautiful. Just like KULT: Divinity Lost. 

To see more of his creations. Visit his Homepage or Facebook page. 

Tobias Kwans homepage

Tobias Kwans facebook page

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