Prepping La Cena

I am in preparation of the scenario La Cena for KULT: Divinity Lost that is included in the book Taroticum and Other Tales

It is written by Jacquline Bryk and is a very different scenario (in fact, all the scenarios in Taroticum and Other Tales are very different from each other, but that is for another time to discuss).

The scenario all takes place in Miami in 1967 and is centered around a family dinner. There are instructions for what music to play and even what dishes to serve.

Well, my plan is to arrange a dinner table, invite the group and give them the character sheets. I have already made some playlists on spotify. This will probably be more like a LARP but it will be interesting to see how it goes.

This will also be the first time I have seven players in a group. Because this is a one shot and it is all in one location it might just work. Or it will be complete chaos.



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