The Path Towards Awakening

It feels like the 90s

The time where I gathered with friends and played games all night long. It was Sisters of Mercy on the stereo, red wine, coffee and cigarettes.

I grew up in Stockholm, Sweden, and on my free time me and my friends played RPGs. Perhaps to explore the darkness we dared not explore in ourselves.

We played Vampire, Kult, Mutant 2089 and other games. Dark cities, angsty anti-heroes and lots of sex, violence and firearms.

But the 90s went away. I moved from Sweden and started a new life.

How quickly things are drained away by job, family and obligations. How empty life can be.

I continued to play games. I have explored the different versions of Kult. Vampire Requiem, Apocalypse World, Lamentations of the Flame Princess and many others. But it has always been half hearted. I have never found something that truly has connected with me.

But then. Like the second coming of Christ the new edition of KULT: Divinity Lost appeared. I found it to be interesting but backed the kickstarter without much hope. But when I got the PDFs and started to read it was like being hit with a hammer.

I stumbled backwards, my head span and i realized that this… this is the game I has been waiting for. Sure, I waited for the feeling to die down. But well. It just didn’t it stay and grew and the more I read the more spellbound I became.

So, this site a blog (how retro), will be where I explore my thoughts revolving around KULT: Divinity Lost.

Perhaps it will be one or two blog posts, perhaps I will publish some scenarios. Time will tell.

But for me the world of Role Playing Games just changed.

KULT: Divinity Lost is the game I have waited for all my life.


One of the Chapter Illustrations from KULT: Divinity Lost




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